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For employees - engineers

As specialist recruiters, we have 30+ years of experience within Building Services. We share your passion for the Construction Industry.

We understand that you may not have entered the job market for some time and may need advice and guidance on career paths, current salaries etc.

It is our job to listen to you, to understand what your skills are, where you want to get to, and to help you get there.

We will have an opinion, and we will give you the benefit of our expertise on which clients may suit your skill set and ambitions.

We have excellent relationships with Main Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Specialist Contractors in diciplines such as Fire Engineering, Commissioning, Ductwork, PQS Practices.

Many of our clients only use Page Green because they trust us to find them the right people for their business.

If you would like advice on your next move, please contact us.

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